Conquer Any Terrain with the 2024 Ford Expedition: A Blend of Comfort and Capability

A red 2024 Ford Expedition in front of a beautiful mountain landscape.

The 2024 Ford Expedition is not just another SUV; it’s a robust vehicle engineered for the adventurous at heart, ready to conquer both cityscapes and rugged terrains. Combining comfort with rugged capability, the Expedition is tailored for those who dare to tackle both potholes and unpaved paths. 

Advanced Suspension Technology

At the heart of the Expedition’s superior performance is its Continual Controlled Damping (CCD) with Suspension Road Preview. This cutting-edge technology features a grille-mounted camera that scans the road ahead, detecting imperfections. The system adjusts the suspension settings in real time to smooth out potential jarring impacts from bumps and potholes, enhancing both comfort and vehicle longevity. This feature promises not only a smoother ride but also reduces wear and tear from rough roads, making the Expedition a reliable companion for daily commutes. 

A family on a camping trip with their 2024 Ford Expedition on a beautiful lake.

Independent Suspension System

Further enhancing its performance, the Expedition boasts an independent suspension system for both front and rear wheels. This design allows each wheel to move independently, significantly improving the SUV’s handling, stability, and cornering, even on the most challenging paths. Whether you’re navigating tight urban corners or traversing uneven off-road trails, the independent suspension maintains a balanced and smooth driving experience. 

Versatile Drive Modes

The versatility of the 2024 Ford Expedition shines with its seven distinct drive modes, each designed to optimize the vehicle’s performance across various environments. From maximizing fuel efficiency in ‘Eco’ mode to boosting performance in ‘Sport‘, or adapting to low-traction surfaces in ‘Sand’, the Expedition’s intelligent 4WD with Terrain Management System ensures optimal functionality. It’s equipped to handle everything from everyday commuting to towing and managing tough terrains like mud and ruts. 

A new 2024 Ford Expedition driving up a scenic dirt road.

With its advanced suspension technology and adaptable drive modes, the 2024 Ford Expedition is the epitome of versatility and ruggedness. It’s the ideal choice for anyone whose lifestyle demands a vehicle as dynamic as they are. Whether you’re a daily commuter or an off-road trailblazer, the new Expedition promises performance, comfort, and control, making every journey an adventure. 



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